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Slot options for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the synonym to love. Even before the day arrives, you start getting the romantic feeling around you. Since the day is about love, it is even more reason to give your gambling love a special time and effort. Wondering which slot machines and games are most played on Valentine’s day? Here are some ideas to play online gambling in Malaysia.

The gambling software providers as well as online casinos come up with romantic Valentine themes for slots to tribute the day and attract more lovers to their games. This has become a very common phenomenon among online casinos around Valentine’s Day. It is easy to find slots with Valentine themes but it is not that easy to select the right ones. Here’s the list of the most popular Valentine’s day themed slots to fill more colours of love in your gambler heart.

The best Valentine Themed Slots

Venetian Rose

It is a slots variant offered by some online casinos, however, it won’t be that easy to find unless it is Valentine’s Day already. The best thing about the Venetian Rose theme is that it gives you the feeling of a romantic Venetian gateway. This slots game machine has five reels which work on 25 paylines. As you can imagine, it is completely based on Valentine theme and has special symbols to go with that. With free spins and attractive bonus offers, you might just win enough money to be able to spend a nice Valentine with your loved one.

Immortal Romance

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and romance, and this slot game has all of it. It is based on Vampire romance theme, as many other games are. What makes it unique and better than other vampire-themed games is the excellent level of graphics attached with the game. It makes you feel like you are actually in that world of vampires and living a truly romantic yet dark life among the creatures of the night. As for the game, the machine has five reels yet offers 243 different ways to win to its players.

Love and Money Mini

This is a love theme slot game developed by Rival gaming company. It is completely based on the theme of Valentine, including the symbols, which are all about love. The game has five reels and 15 paylines and has a lot more fun to offer than just gaming. You will reach in a totally different world of romantic novels when you play at this slots machine.

Wacky Wedding

This is kind of humourous slots variant where you can read about the commonly popular valentine’s day stereotypes and enjoy making fun of them. Along with that, you can have fun playing the usual slots game and win with five reels and 20 paylines available at the game. Search with the name in Google and you will find the casino offering this game. Do not miss the other attractive features and amazing bonus offers that come with the play.

Burning Desire

A Microgaming offering, Burning Desire is one of those romantic games that are based on the classic slots concept but with a romantic valentine-based theme. Since it follows the classic game concept, you get to play like a classic slot but instead of regular images and theme, there is this romantic theme accompanied with equally soothing love music to set the mood of any player.

Dr. Lovemore

This is another Valentine based slot game that is based on the humorous aspect of the Valentine’s Day. The best thing about the game is the innovative bonus options and features that will keep you playing, irrespective of whether you have a special someone to celebrate your day with or not. The machine has a series of comical love images which make it even more interesting and appealing to the target audience.

If you are planning to spend this romantic day exploring more online casinos and gamble more, you should rather choose to play valentine slots to at least get the feel of romance and love that this day has to offer. If these themes do not work for you, just look at the popular online casinos and you will find many more to satisfy that gambler inside you.