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TBSbet is an integrated sportsbook company and online casino site. This entertainment company is reputable and trusted in the online betting industry. Since they are licensed by the Government of Vanuatu, all their activities are monitored and regulated by the Vanuatu Gaming Commission.


As we strive to provide the best gaming experience for our clients, we also reward our clients with exclusive prizes and promotions.

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Acebet99 Advantages

We are an approved TBSbet online agent. We also have more than 10 years of experience of providing services to players from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Some advantages we offer include:

  • Convenient deposits and withdrawals through your preferred payment method.
  • In-depth research to increase your chances of winning.
  • Efficient customer service that helps resolve any issues you many have.
  • Guides for players new to sports betting or casino games.
  • Hassle free registration process that can be completed online.
  • Bonuses and incentives for members such as welcome bonus, deposit match, and more.

Why Choose Us?

We are a well-known name in the online gambling industry in South East Asia. Some reasons to consider us include:

  • Some online sites can be confusing, complicated, and difficult to navigate. Play with us and win some real money.
  • We guide our clients regarding the best sites to gamble on. These sites offer the highest payouts and lucrative bonuses.
  • We do all the research about the game or team you will be betting on, so you know best on how to place your bets. This gives you a higher chance of winning.
  • It is easy and convenient to bet with us. We also provide tips, strategies, and help our clients place bets. This can be a great service for those who have busy lifestyles.

Your Security With Us

Acebet99 takes the security of your money and personal information very seriously. With more than 10 years of reputation on the line, we will not risk compromising our clients. This is why we have spared no expense on our system to prevent hacking, so our clients are protected.

Your funds are also safe with us as we will not spend your money on bets where the likelihood of winning is low. However, it is important to remember that there are always risks when you gamble. Acebet99 pledges to increase your odds of winning as much as possible through in-depth research.


Additional Services

Although the team at Acebet99 is always available to help you place your bets, we also understand that some punters enjoy placing bets themselves. For clients who enjoy the process, we can help by providing guides and advice on the best top bookies sports betting sites to gamble on.

Acebet99 is an approved TBSbet sports betting agent committed to providing the best services as the best online sportsbook agent in Malaysia. We guarantee satisfaction and top notch services for all our clients.

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