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2bcBet has been catering to Malaysia and Singapore clients with great success. This is largely due to our commitment to client’s security and privacy. The testament to our success resulted in partnerships with well-known and established sportsbook betting giants such as Acebet99.


As we strive to provide the best gaming experience for our clients, we also reward our clients with exclusive prizes and promotions.

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It is a no brainer to sign up with Acebet99. We have been lauded with praises from their past and present clientele. From great 24/7 customer service to excellent sportsbook guides, we are the best in what we do. We do extensive research into the games to guide you to the best odds to ensure that you win. Both new and experienced players benefit from this.

On top of guaranteeing your security, our customer service team is top notch and experienced. Our comprehensive services include assisting you to place your bets and sending you your winnings. We work through local banks in order to ensure fast and easy transactions on both ends.



Acebet99 has worked with a huge market in Malaysia and Singapore for the past decade. We have always stayed on top of current betting trends to keep our clientele happy. We have excellent reviews from both our past and current clientele based on excellent services rendered.

Our experience means that we know which sites to steer you to, and which has the best odds on your bets. Our knowledge also means we can guide you based on our extensive research throughout the years. Big bookmakers in the industry like 2bcBet Singapore and CMD368 only partners with trusted agents like Acebet99.


Security and Privacy

Without a doubt, security of your money and your utmost privacy are two of the biggest concerns when it comes to online betting. Some of the risks that customers face are scams, frauds and hackers. The growing number of these threats are only heralded by the number of agents touting their services. To combat these threats, many companies are turning to services like Cloudflare for better security.

Acebet99 actively counters these threats to assure our client’s peace of mind. It can be done by using state-of-the-art encryption systems. This both secures your money as well as your personal data to ensure total privacy.


Advantages of Choosing Acebet99

Acebet99 is a responsible agent which does extensive research to get you information to ensure you win big. We analyze patterns and with experience, can guide you so that you can enjoy your betting experience.

Acebet99 offers various sporting bets for all sports, including both international and local games. Die hard fans can be glad that they also provide live betting on all big sporting events. Events like the World Cup are brought to life and have an added exhilarating advantage when real money is on the line.

Besides offering a host of sportsbook betting services, we also offer online casino games. This grants our clients access to all-time favorite games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and jackpot slots. We also offer games for free where you can practice and hone your skills. Slot games like Mega888 have traditionally been one of the most popular.



Acebet99 is your best bet when it comes down to online sports betting. You can be assured of your security and have a great experience with us. Our expert team is ready for any of your queries round the clock.

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