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Online Gaming Guide to Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo, which is a popular Chinese dice game, is now being offered by many online casinos. If you are looking forward to learning to play this game, here’s a detailed guide to help you.

The term Sic Bo means “dice pair,” which is not a correct depiction as the game is actually played using three dice. Sic Bo is an easy game to learn and understand but achieving mastery in this game will take a lot of practice.

Sic Bo Online Game Rules

The rules of Sic Bo are quite simple. There are three dice and a table in the game. The wagers are placed on the outcome of a roll of all three. It is just like any other casino table game. You choose the size of your chips and then place your chips on the section where you want to bet.

Online Sic Bo can be a little different than the traditional version, but it is even easier. You can roll the dice and make bets with just a few clicks of your mouse. To select the chip size, click on the Plus and Minus buttons. Then, click on the appropriate area of the virtual Sic Bo table to place your bets. You can even make multiple bets of the same or different amounts on the same roll.

Playing Sic Bo Online

As I said above, online Sic Bo is even easier than the traditional variant. It also offers a wide variety of different bets that you won’t find in any offline casino. Most online casinos offering Sic Bo gaming usually allow players to make many types of odds and payouts. Take a look at some of the popular online Sic Bo bets.

Any Triple: All three dice should show the same number in order for you to win this bet.

Total: You win the bet only if the total (sum) of the three dice is the number you bet on. Suppose that you bet on Total 12, then you will win the bet only if the sum of all three dice is exact 12.

Big: The bet can be won if the total sum of the three dice is between 11 and 17 but not a triple.

Single-Dice Bet: If at least one of the dice shows exactly the number that you bet on, you win.

Specific Triple: It is a type of ‘Any Triple’ bet in which you win only if all three dice show the specific number you bet on. So, if you bet on 4, then all three dice should show 4 in order for you to win.

Specific Double: Same as specific triple, you will win this bet if any two of the three dice show the specific number you selected.

Small: This bet is won when the total sum of all three dice is between 4 and 10 but not a triple.

Two-Dice Combination: In this type of bet, you bet on two specific numbers and will win if at least two of the dice show those numbers.

How to play and win at Sic Bo

Now that you know about various bets played on a Sic Bo table. Let’s discuss how this game is actually played and how much you can win in different odds.

In online Sic Bo gaming, you make the bet and click the Roll button to make the dice roll. When the dice stop, the winners are decided based on the numbers on the dice. In online betting, the winning areas of the Sic Bo table usually light up.

Each of the bets mentioned above has different payouts, which are usually mentioned in the table itself. The game with the highest probability have the lowest payouts. The highest payout is 180-to-1 for the specific triple bet. That means you win 180 times of your bet amount if your selected specific number appears on all three dice.

One of the benefits of playing Sic Bo online is that you have wide varieties of bets and better chances of winning.