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How To Do Online Sports Betting in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the biggest online gambling markets in the world. As a Malaysian, you got no better place to be if you are looking for some gambling excitement. There are a number of websites where you can start playing your favourite sporting bets with huge payouts and attractive bonuses. So, how to do that.

The best way to start sports betting in Malaysia is joining a legit overseas casino website. Most of these websites will offer you the option to play using a desktop client or using a dedicated smartphone app (Android/iOS). The best thing is that you can make deposits on these sites either in your local currency or in dollars.

Malaysia Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting is very popular in Malaysia, and football is the main contender of this industry. The Malaysian national football team matches witness huge amounts in bets through both offline and online bookmakers. Sports betting in Malaysia is not just limited to Football, but many other popular games like golf, hockey and Netball are also quite popular when it comes to gambling in sports.

While most people watch sports for fun, many others enjoy the game while betting on it. Even though online betting is strictly prohibited in the country, the professional bettors take help of overseas sportsbook sites to follow their passion.

In order to start with online sports betting in Malaysia, you will first have to find a legit website that provides deals on your favourite sports. Make sure to check that the particular sportsbook website is licensed by the proper authority in the area. Then, you can find and join one or more of these websites that offer attractive welcome bonuses. You can make deposits in your local Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or in dollars. Most of these sportsbook sites will allow you to bet on multiple types of sports, including international games and home tournaments.

If you have been in betting industry for some time, you may also have heard about Malay odds, which is Malaysia’s own odds format. You might even find your favourite casino website playing bets in these odds. However, most bettors prefer the more traditional Decimal number odds system.

Deposits/Withdrawals in online casinos in Malaysia

As I said above, many of these online overseas casinos will accept your deposits through any internationally accepted card in any supported currency. However, some bookmakers may not accept MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) cards. In that case, you can make payments using a supported e-wallet. Deposits made through e-wallet are faster and usually have low minimum amount limit. Some casino websites will also offer you the option of direct wire transfer using a supported Malaysian bank account, the transaction speed, however, will be relatively lower in this case.

The transaction amount is usually bigger in case of bank account deposits, and an overseas casino might need you to convert money into GBP or USD before you can make the deposit. The same way, an online casino will allow you to make withdrawals through e-wallet or bank transfer. Wire transfers, however, may be liable to a fee.

Finding the best online casino in Malaysia

The internet has played a big role in destroying the virtual boundaries between the various parts of the world. Thanks to international online casinos, Malaysians are still able to enjoy betting on sports, even if it is legally prohibited in the country. There are also some local resorts that allow limited gambling on sports, but online is still your best option if you are serious about sports gambling.
There are hundreds of overseas online casinos where you can start playing bets by simply creating an account. While choosing the best casino to make your bets, you need to consider the following things.

  • The casino’s reputation
  • The bonuses and other promotions offered
  • The deposit and withdrawal options offered by the casino
  • Transactions currency
  • Number and range of games available
  • Terms and conditions

Once you manage to find a good online casino website, you can start playing by creating an account and choosing your bets for any of the ongoing games.

Dafabet, Bet365, and Acebet99 are some of the best online sports betting sites for Malaysians.
As for the laws, Malaysia is still far from officially legalizing the betting for its citizens. However, there are so many options for those who really wish to get involved in this industry. There is no shortage of highly reliable foreign betting sites that let you bet in your own local currency, no matter where you’re from.