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History of Gambling: Know All About It

Sice the evolution of the mankind and the ancient civilization, the traces of the gambling has been found. From the rich Indian heritage to the Greece and Mesopotamia, every ancient culture had some kind of gambling prevailing in their contemporary times. Basically, we can say that the history of gambling has gone hand in hand with the human evolution. Yes, it is also a fact that the gambling structure has changed a lot with the time.

In the ancient civilization, the gambling format of odd and even was prevailing. In this, the things or objects used to be thrown on the ground to predict the certain events. Odds were considered to bring bad luck and even for the good.

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Gambling Evolution

As discussed above, the gambling has evolved with the human evolution. In the early times, the lady luck was considered very ominous and was treated as deities for praying and offerings. The traits of the gambling have perhaps always prevailed inside the humans, and the gods in the ancient Greek were made with the craps to decide the fate of people. Greek gods like Zeus, Hades and Poseidon can be seen in many images, performing craps. With the passage of time, these things changed a little and came into the life of general people. It was then used to decide the things one can get or not.

Formation Of First Chip

The Neanderthal period has the proof that humans of that phrase also used to play gambling. For this, they used dice made up of sticks, rocks, or bones. This is the first evidence of the chips used for gambling. It may amaze us, but is a fact. The die made up of knucklebones have also been recovered. These knucklebones die had four-sided, albeit irregular shaped with numbers painted on them.

Inclusion Of Cards in Gambling

The cards were earlier used for the Tarot deck for the predictions of the future by the Tarot card readers. With the time, these cards became the part of general life and people started using this for the gambling. it’s a well-known fact that card games like craps, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack originated in Europe. And the keno was first invented as a part of Chinese lottery in China.

Origin Of Casino

The trace of the first casino can be found from Italy, which came into existence in the 17th Century. The casino is an Italian word which means ‘Small villa’ or ‘summer home’. This indicates that the game was developed to spend the leisure period with the near and dear ones. It seems as if it was just a game then and was not used as a part of the gambling.

We hope that you will find the above article on the history of gambling very enlightening, though, no one has yet found the evidence of the first human to give the credit for the birth of gambling.