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The habits of successful online casino gamblers

Becoming a successful online gambler is not something you can achieve in a day or even a month. It is an achievement that can be acquired only with great efforts and practice and takes at least a few years if not more. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to get. If you strive to become a professional in gambling, you can do so with the help of this guide.

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What is a professional gambler?

Professional gamblers are people who are completely dependent on gambling for their living and career. They either play for themselves or on behalf of their employers. Professional or expert gamblers often make use of legal gambling strategies and methods to increase their winning odds and to maximize their earnings.

There are gamblers who claim to be expert in this field, and then there are people who are actually expert. Only about half percent of gamblers actually reach that level so that they can be called professionals. Here are some of the habits and daily routines of the successful online gamblers.

Life and Routine of Successful Gamblers

Donald, who is a famous online poker player, was approached by the BBC a couple years back for an interview about his gambling routine. Even though he is a full-time gambler and earns a handsome income from this, Donald doesn’t actually consider himself as technically employed.

He has been a regular gambler for many years now. Donald assures that gambling is not something out of which you can easily earn a regular living. It takes a lot of time and efforts to reach the level where you can expect to make good enough money from your gambling activities. Since he’s a professional poker player, let’s have a look at his gaming routine.

Things you’ll need to become an expert online poker player

According to Donald, there are three things you need to have to be able to play poker professionally – a mathematical mind, self-discipline, and emotion control.

The Routine

Here’s how a typical gambling day in the life of Donald and various other professional poker players is like. Most of them do not work all day and the actual routine starts in the evening, at around 8 pm and ends at around 3 pm. Why? Because most of the casual gamblers play at night or on the weekends and they are the easiest targets for those professionals who want to make money playing poker online.

However, this affects the social life of these gamblers, as Donald explains. It becomes hard to manage your poker schedule and social meetings since both types of activities happen in the night.

Staying with friends and roommates also help him a lot in maintaining his routine and keeping sane and getting the required support. It also helps to talk about strategies with each other and collaborate on which poker techniques work and which ones don’t.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to be the next big challenge for online poker players as this will somewhat level the field for all online players, irrespective of their skills and experience.

One another famous and mostly successful professional poker player is Chris Ferguson who has some amazing tips to share about bankroll management. Chris claims that it was his bankroll management skills that help him build a bankroll of $10,000 from $0 in just one and a half year.

He started his journey by playing freeroll games at online poker sites that offer a chance to win real money. In the first nine months, his bankroll grew only to $100, however, the next nine months were quite amazing and he managed to earn around $10,000 from his online poker activities. Here’s the routine he followed to hit that target.

Chris Ferguson’s poker routine

The routine was based on a proper bankroll management strategy. Here’s how it goes.

  1. A single bet should never include more than 5% of your total betting budget.
  2. If you have already bet and not recovered back 10% or more of your bankroll, you should quit the game.
  3. For multi-table tournaments, do not use more than 2% of your bankroll for the buy-in.

These are the rules that Chris followed during his feat, however, you are allowed to make changes in the rules to suit your own specific requirements. For instance, you may want to keep playing the freeroll games until you achieve a substantial bankroll.

Here are some other things one can learn from Chris Ferguson’s online poker routine.

You cannot expect to win each of your bets, that’s just impossible. You’ll lose some of your bets but also you will win some of them. The thing to remember is that one should not chase their losses.

Another useful betting tip is to keep control of your emotions and keep your focus on the game. As soon as your focus goes out of the game, you will start losing money. If you find yourself losing interesting or bored of the game, you should rather leave than continue to play.

Routine in online slots

If you were looking for a standard routine to become professional at online slots, there isn’t one. Even though most of the expert slot machine players believe that there is not a single routine one can follow to get better at online slots, this can actually be achieved through a lot of practice and knowledge.

Slots are widely considered a game of luck and not of skills, but this is not exactly true. There are certain strategies which can help you win more at slots and even become a professional if you are consistent. This is exactly what you learn from the routine of John, who is an expert casino slot gambler online.

John claims that he uses a number of advanced computers, servers and other machinery to stay top of his game. Here’s the slots routine followed by John when gambling online.

Have accounts on a number of online casinos and play simultaneously to win more. Keep proper records of your gambling activities, bets and results. Use this data to identify patterns in your slots activities based on the frequency of wins and losses. Most important of all, know everything there is to know about your game, including the types of slots, the rules, and how the game works. This will help you figure which types of slots are more beneficial to play and which ones are not.