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What Will Soccer Be Like In 100 Years?

Soccer (or Football) is regarded as the most popular game in the world. It has even beaten other popular sports like hockey, cricket and baseball in terms of popularity. There are roughly 3.5 billion soccer fans across the globe, Soccer, in one form or another, is played in almost every country. Soccer is also reportedly one of the oldest games on earth.

However, the game was not always played the way we play it today. The earlier version of soccer was much different than what we see today. But what does the future hold for this sport? Will soccer still be played even after 100 years, and if yes, then, what will be its format? Seeing its popularity, it is very much possible that soccer could be played for many years to come, but it is certainly going to go through many changes, which may even change its format completely. Before going ahead, you can read this blog which will you to find the best sportsbook in Malaysia

Which country will lead soccer in the future?

The first question that comes to mind when we talk about the future of this game is which country is going to dominate it in the coming years. At present, soccer is completely owned by countries like Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Argentina. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are also going to manage these rankings in coming years. One thing we know for sure is that things are going to change, and we might see many other countries dominating the top charts of soccer rankings.

Africa, China and India are some of the countries leading in the race to becoming top world football teams.

The smart sport

The technology is definitely going to play its role in the future of soccer, and we might see many special things such as smart soccer balls. You may have heard about a soccer ball that can keep track of the kicks, touches, passes, distance covered, and play time. I am not sure if it is already here or not, but it is certainly going to change a lot of things. For one, it will make it easier for umpires to make decisions in difficult situations.

Actually, the smart soccer ball is connected to a smartphone app that performs all these actions. This is only an example of what the future may hold in terms of technology evolution in the game of soccer.

The State of FIFA in 100 years

The FIFA World Cup has survived for over 100 years and is expected to continue for next many years to come. However, its shape and size might see some changes with time. One thing that is likely to affect the role of FIFA in the future of soccer is the level of high profile scandals it is going through. The federation will have to survive these things and come up with a serious solution if it expects to continue being the leading soccer body in the world.

Online Sports Betting

Betting is something that’s not going to leave us anytime soon. Millions of people around the globe are involved in sports betting at various levels. While many people still prefer to bet on their favourite soccer events in traditional ways through offline sportsbook agents, it is expected to change greatly in the coming future, with online sports betting likely to become more common.

Online betting on soccer is already very popular with many websites providing users with the facility to bet on their favorite soccer games anytime, from anywhere in the world. Online soccer betting is much easier, convenient, faster and reliable as compared to traditional betting methods. It is only going to get better and also more popular in the future.